Electronically Locating Commercial Septic TanksElectronically Locating Commercial Septic Tanks Services

Can’t find your commercial septic tank buried under the many layers of dirt? Wright Septic can help with electronically locating commercial septic tanks. Our experts have different methods of locating your commercial septic tank. Most commercial septic tank covers are round with a cover about 27 inches in diameter. Older systems have a square or a rectangular concrete cover while some may have a steel septic tank and cover. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help your business!








A septic system is a self-contained and highly efficient underground wastewater treatment system. Since septic systems treat and get rid of household wastewater, they are usually more economical than centralized sewer systems in rural areas where the property is larger and houses are spaced apart. Septic systems are very simple in design, making it less expensive to install and maintain.

How Long Do Septic Systems Usually Last?

Septic systems are meant to provide long-term treatment of household waste if operated and maintained properly but most systems tend to fail prematurely because of improper maintenance. Although septic tanks are durable, it can sometimes deteriorate or have other structural difficulties.

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