Septic Tank Camera Inspection

Wright Septic is proud to offer residential septic camera inspection to inspect the inside of your septic system. By using one of the most valuable tools in the industry, our waterproof camera allows us for a visual inspection, finding potential future septic system issues. This cutting edge technology places Wright Septic miles ahead of our competitors. Contact us today for more information on septic tank camera inspections.

How Does A Residential Septic Tank Camera Work?

Rather than digging up your entire yard searching for the source of the problem, our highly-skilled experts will insert one of our digital cameras into your septic lines. Wright professionals will then be able to provide you with a picture showing you the condition of your septic lines. Our septic experts will be able to identify the type and nature of any issues in your pipes. Once the root of the problem has been identified, our technician will efficiently repair the problem without any unnecessary digging, saving you time and money. They will also be able to help prevent any problems from reoccurring in the future.


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